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Title: ... p114 - Des Drummond comments on DD by Warrington Forum contributors

How did the chant go at the home coming of the team "Dessie T*!$ed Iro


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Warrington Forum contributors - in answer to a Quigs "Posting' on their forum....thanks Jiffy, ww@w, Rocky Roadkill, Coops, Gb and Wire Water.




thanks Jiffy, ww@w, Rocky Roadkill, Coops,(nickname of Quigs only Grandson), Gb and Wire Water.

(Quigs - visit the Warrington forum on the following link - http://www.rlfans.com/boards/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=21&sid=7f8d74a3dd9e1b6791ee0cdec8bf1c7d

The following "posts" were entered regarding the great pic top of this page

Jiffy - surely someone has got some Des Drummond memories for quigs!

I bet he hasn't got many wingers on the biff site?

ww@w (supplied picture)surely you don't mean this jiff

Rocky Roadkill - Yep, Quigs, Dessie should be on your list, the most NAILS winger ever to tackle a man.

And as for Big Men, Warrington's biggest was prolly Mike Nicholas, big tough as boots welshman. Reckon he should be in there, for leading the BIFFING of the Aussie Tourists when Warrington beat them in the seventies.

Top pic btw ww! Look at Holdsworth: "CALM DOWN!!!"

Coops - How did the chant go at the home coming of the team "Dessie T*!$ed Iro"

GB- Look at the photo, Goulding is trying to stop the fight! How times change!

Wire Water - an gee how his hairstyle has changed as well, still looks a lover though

Appears in the following pages ....P113_Des DRUMMOND
Date of posting ... 04-Jun-2003
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