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Title: ... p115 - Kevin Ward Comments Memories by joff H

Even from 12,000 miles away, he could still get a crowd going


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joff H - off the TotalRL fans forum




I remember being at the Cas home game that took place a few hours after Manly had won the Oz Grand Final in 1987. Before the match, the tannoy announcer gave out the result (8-2?) and the crowd burst into a good chant of "Wardy, Wardy". Even from 12,000 miles away, he could still get a crowd going.

I've only been watching RL 20 years but he remains the best player I have seen live. Whenever he got the ball, the hairs would stand up on the back of your neck. You knew there was going to be a collision and you knew who was going to hurt more at the end of that tackle, and it wasn't going to be Wardy.

A game I went to in the mid-80s saw Wardy on the bench (just 2 subs in those days). He was coming back from a long injury. Maybe time has been kind to the memory but I seem to remember the crowd being a bit bigger than normal because Wardy was on the comeback trail. There was a buzz in the crowd when he left the bench to warm up on the sidelines and you could almost feel a crackle of electricity amongst the crowd, such was the anticipation (feel free to give me stick for being slightly poetic). When he got his chance to get on the field, it was like a tank had entered the game. He was awesome that day, the opposition pack couldn't get near him. He turned the game and Cas won.

I was gutted when he left Cas for St Helens. He wasn't at Saints that long but they still remember him fondly there. And any Pom playing in Sydney has probably got to play twice as well as an Australian to get some praise and respect from rugby league folk down under.

His injury was very sad. I wish he'd been around at the start of summer rugby with the increased use of substitutes. If he'd been around and injury free, I'm sure he could have played for years and years with the increased number of substitutions in the modern game. Imagine bringing Wardy on for 10 mins before half time as an impact prop.

Legend is an over used word but it's one that described Kevin Ward perfectly

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Date of posting ... 06-Jun-2006
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