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Title: ... p25 - Dimond drops Father John Cootes - story by Albertross - Sydney.

p25 -In 1970 the ARL decided to have a probables v. possibles trial match prior to the selection team to play in the World Cup in England .


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Albertross. Seven Hills, Sydney NSW

Western Suburbs DRLC



I followed Wests from when I was a kid in the 60s to the Murdoch takeover since when I have lost all interest in what was the greatest game of all.

In 1970 the ARL decided to have a probables v. possibles trial match prior to the selection team to play in the World Cup in England.

One might have expected that after the sensational crowds for the 1968 World Cup played in Australia and NZ this game played on the RAS Showground would have attracted a large crowd but it didn't.

The teams were named for the sponsor of the game one being called Theiss and the other Toyota.

The game was very indifferent - the players really didn't want to be there - and was only notable for a couple of sensational incidents. The first was accidental when Fr (as he then was) John Cootes somehow managed to knock out Bill Mullins whilst scoring a try. The second came a bit later hwn whilst waiting for the ball to be kicked off Peter D. ran accross the field and king hit Cootes right in front of the ref who had no option but to send Dimond off.

Although Cootes had played well all season and also in this this trial uncharitable souls (no doubt all non-Catholics) suggested that Dimond's action ensured Cootes selection. In any event Cootes had a good tour both from a playing point of view and the fact that he was God's gift to the Rugby League PR people in the UK with his chaste good looks and "footballing priest" tag.

Appears in the following pages ....P25_Peter DIMOND
Date of posting ... 13-Jan-2005
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