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Title: ... p32 - Arthur Beetson - Memories of days at Hull KR 1968 - breaks leg -v- Hull - by Steve, Nelson NZ-

Artie was signed up to play for Hull Kingston Rovers for the UK 1968 season -


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Steve, Nelson, New Zealand




Artie Beetson......

Artie was signed up to play for Hull Kingston Rovers for the UK 1968 season. He was signed up by Colin Hutton who was coach of the 68 GB world cup squad.

He played some good games although he was sent off at least twice, once in a reserve grade game.

On Xmas Day 1968 he played in the local derby, Hull KR versus their mortal enemy from across the river Hull FC. Hull KR had a good team in those days, GB internationals Bill Holiday, Frank Foster, ALan Burwell who played for the dogs, Roger the dodger Millward, Chris Young and an up and coming forward called Phil Lowe.

Unfortunately Artie was involved in a tackle with Hull center John Malony and broke his leg. He limped off so we didn't think the injury was that bad.

His replacement came on also an Australian forward called Jim Hall, then a Sydney policeman who went on to be the citing commissioner with the NRL.

We were shocked when the first newspaper came out after the Xmas break to find he was in hospital with his leg in traction.

Last year (2004) I gave the program to the club to raise funds.

Also saw the Aussie mid week team play there on the 67 tour. KR beat them 27-15.

Cheers, Steve in Nelson NZ

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Date of posting ... 21-Jun-2004
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