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Title: ... p32 - Arthur Beetson - memories of half-game Artie getting sent off at the Sports Ground

had regained his feet and was sprinting back towards his own goal line from half way -


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Cronulla Sharks

probably around 1968



I was a kid of about 13 and went to the old Sydney Sports Ground to watch Balmain take on St George. It was the match of the day, and I dont know why it was at the Sports Ground and not the SCG, but my memory is vivid of this one and it was certainly at the Sports ground. ( the sports ground is now the Sydney Football Stadium )

Artie was definately the old "half game Artie" in those days and I was sitting with some mates directly behind the western goal posts of the Sports Ground. It was late in the first half and St George was attacking the Tigers line and on or near the 10 yard line. Right near to where I was sitting. They were attacking towards the western end.

I knew that Artie was down taking a breather near the halfway line. I think he had missed a tackle and was taking his time to get back to his feet. Someone near me yelled out something like "have a go at Artie".

Beetson had regained his feet and was sprinting back towards his own goal line from half way and was still behind the Saints attacking line. The tackled saints player was in the process of playing the ball and the dummy half had no idea what so ever of what was bearing down on him from behind.

Artie was at full speed and made a bee line for the poor old dummy half who was bent over waiting to pick up and distribute the ball to his own side. Artie dropped his shoulder into the butt of the Saints player and sent him sprawling towards the Tigers tryline. Artie bounced off the poor bugger and continued to take up his defensive position. The ball, well it harmlessly rolled towards the dumbfounded Saints players who stood motionless and bewildered.

Although everyone in the crowd around me could see the humerous side and were in fits of laughter, Referee, I think was Col Pearce just pointed to the dressing sheds and sent Half game Artie packing.

Appears in the following pages ....P32_Arthur BEETSON
Date of posting ... 10-Jun-2003
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