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Title: ... p32 - Arthur Beetson - (p118)Frank Foster - (p86) Brian McTigue Memories by Kevin Blackwell UK-

p32 - Re Artie - I remember Frank Foster telling me he was about the best forward he had ever seen or played with-


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Kevin Blackwell, England

Hull Kingston Rovers



A wonderful website. Keith Pollard who had a story about Frank Foster has a wealth of stories about the game. He played in the Newcastle competition in the 70's (I think for Cessnock or Maitland).

Keith played in the same team as Frank, but the competition was stiff: Bill Holliday, Foster, Phil Lowe, 'Flash' Flanagan who died recently. We had, for an all too brief time Big Artie Beetson. He played only about 12 games, but left an indelible imprint on anyone who saw him; and in particular those who saw him a reserve grade game against Huddersfield. He flattened the huge forward Ian Van Bellen and another player who had been baiting him all the game and just walked off the paddock before the referee pointed to the tunnel. I remember Frank Foster telling me he was about the best forward he had ever seen or played with. And Frank wasn't one for praising much. Keith Pollard said Frank told him that Brian McTigue, although not an enforcer, wasn't someone to tangle with. I've got a lot of Frank stories myself as my dad was a good pal of Frank's.

In 73 (touring Roos) Artie was head and shoulders above the rest.

Personally, I deride the modern game. The scrums are a joke and the 10 metre rule has killed off the great ball playing backs like Murphy and Millward in the British game. Same in the forwards. In those days you had to have the skills to break defences, because they were stood on top of you. Artie was the best ball playing forward I've seen and McTigue wasn't far behind.

Appears in the following pages ....P118_Frank FOSTER, P32_Arthur BEETSON, P86_Brian McTIGUE
Date of posting ... 28-Mar-2007
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