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Title: ... p32 - Arthur Beetson - (p36) Wally Lewis interviewed ABC Radio 29/4/2004 about Beetson-

Artie told Wally that he had not seen him play but he had heard a lot about him-


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Interview with King Wally Lewis on the ABC Radio on the 29/04/04 Conversation Hour..





During the interview Wally mentioned how when he as a 20 year old played in the first ever State Of Origin Game.

Whilst in the shed prior to the game big Artie came up and sat down beside the King and took off his flat hat.and placed it beside Wally.

Artie told Wally that he had not seen him play but he had heard a lot about him. Beetson said that he had heard enough about Wally to know that he had what it takes to survive in S.O.O. Beetson told Wally he had watched a video of Lewis playing that very morning and he knew he had the goods.

Wally chuckled to the interviewer that in hindsight it was more than unlikely that Artie had never ever seen Wally play before that first ever State of Origin Game.

Wally went on to mention that he did not have his best ever State of Origin game, but all he wanted to do that game was to shadow Artie and follow him all over the ground. All Wally wanted to do was to experience and run off a famous Artie Beetson pass. At the end of the game Wally stated that he had run off about thirty of Arties passes.

As Wally said, the guy was about 35 years old, carrying injuries, and still managed to dominate in the highest level of league in the world.

Appears in the following pages ....P32_Arthur BEETSON
Date of posting ... 08-Jun-2004
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