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Title: ... p35 - Tom Raudonikis,(p60)Mills, (p49)Reddy(p85)Millward (p69)Fulton, Memories of 78 Tour-Kevin Blac

p35 - Tom Raudonikis,(p60)Mills, (p49)Reddy(p85)Millward (p69)Fulton, Memories of 78 Tour-Kevin Blackwell, UK


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Kevin Blackwell, England

Hull Kingston Rovers



Tom Raudonikis was a great player and as tough as they come. The person got it wrong regarding Tommy in the 2nd test in 78 at Bradford. Jim Mills nutted Rod pReddy and accused him of biting. I don't think Jim could reach down that far.

What I do remember is the blue that Tommy and Steve Nash had at a scrum in the same series. If my memory serves me they both got sent off.

The only time I can remember Roger Millward getting sent off was when playing against Australia; not a test match. Again, I think it was the same year. However, Roger was really pee'd off because he said Tommy laid in to him and he was just trying to get away from all the blows raining down on him.

Heard another good story about the 78 Tour, don't know if it's true. Apparently the Oz tourists had some wrestling matches as part of training, and that they sometimes got out of hand with a bit of claret showing. The two strongest in these comps were Tommy T and Bob Fulton; the two halfbacks.

What I'm certain of is that the Australians wouldn't have won that series without Fulton and Raudonikis. They were absolutely terrific and led from the front. The rest of the players were very inexperienced and had few caps between them.

Finally, I'm sure I saw in Rugby League Week that we used to get from Oz, that TR did indeed say he was looking forward to playing a hard game after the tests in '79.

Appears in the following pages ....P35_Tom RAUDONIKIS, P49_Rod REDDY, P60_Jim MILLS, P69_Bob FULTON, P85_Roger MILLWARD
Date of posting ... 04-Apr-2007
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