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Title: ... p36 Wally Lewis - (p41) Mark Geyer- Interview with King Wally during the 'Conversation Hour' on the

p36 Wally Lewis - Interview 'Conversation Hour' on the ABC Radio re (p41) Mark Geyer - 1991 State of Origin.-


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Interview with King Wally during the 'Conversation Hour' on the ABC Radio
re Mark Geyer - 1991 State of Origin.





re THE MARK GEYER INCIDENT 1991 State of Origin.

The King was interviewed during this particular radio show and the interview started with Wally talking about his run in with MG during the 1991 Famous State of Origin Clash.

The King described how the big fellow (MG) was sent out to upset the Maroons during the famous clash.

Wally described one particular incident when he alleged that MG ran straight towards the Queensland fullback Paul Hauff with a 'cocked' elbow. Wally described that if the point of contact would of been a little bit this way or that way then there was a possiblilty of a fatality on the paddock.

Wally stated that there were three glaring indiscretions by Geyer in the first half that if it happend in a club game would of resulted in the offender being sent off.

The final incident in the first half resulted one of the wildest brawls in the history of State of Origin.

At the completion of the game MG was congratulated by a certain NSW official for his efforts, Wally said. The Queensland camp and particularly the QLd Coach was seething at the time.

Subsequently they lodged an official complaint against Geyer and the manner he played the game.

Geyer was later suspended for 10 weeks, Wally said.

This was the famous State of Origin clash were the images of Wally and MG pushing, shoving, glaring and baring teeth as referee Manson tried to prize them apart.

Appears in the following pages ....P36_ Wally LEWIS, P41_Mark GEYER
Date of posting ... 29-Apr-2004
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