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Title: ... p37 - Greg Dowling - (p90) Kevin Tamati comments by-J.B., Brisbane-

p37 - Greg Dowling - (p90) Kevin Tamati-All of a sudden, one of them, I can't remember which one, threw a mad backhander


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J.B. Brisbane

Brisbane Broncos



My story is a bit vague with the Tamati Dowling fight as well.

I was at the game with my father and I was 10 years old.

Dishead Dowling was one the hardest blokes getting around the BRL at the time, playing for Wynum Manly and was the cornerstone of the Qld Origin pack.

He had been dropped for the last test of 85 and was keen on making his mark again with the kiwis.

I'm pretty sure that it was close to half time when the boys were given their marching orders, I can't even remember what the catalyst was.

I had a great line of site from a distance as they walked off.

I was sitting in the outer on the Hale St end and they were walking off under the stands.

They were lipping off at each other and just running into eachother, you could tell by his body language that GD was a bit edgy about Tamati.

All of a sudden, one of them, I can't remember which one, threw a mad backhander and cracked the other.

What I do remember clearly is that Tamati cut loose and just landed shot after shot on GD.

Dish didn't back down and started laying in a few well timed head buts.

The problem with this was Tamati was a fair boxer and eventually sized him up again.

It went on for ages and the crowd went beserk, they were throwing each other into the wire fence and at it like dogs.

GD looked like he was going down as Tamati was all over him, but he stayed on his feet and kept going at him.

It was a very full on event and one of the best in Trans-Tasman rivalry.

How good would it be to see SBW and O'Melley reignite this in next years square up.

Good stuff. .

Appears in the following pages ....P37_Greg DOWLING, P90_Kevin TAMATI
Date of posting ... 20-Dec-2005
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