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Title: ... p38 - Terry Lamb - Comments and Memories from members of The Kennel - 1/7/2004

then BANG!...Next thing he knew he was arse up on the ground! Just LOVELY!! -


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Mad Dog. Club Sweat, Dog E, From The Kennel, Canterbury Fan Site.





"i remember the lovely biff in the 1988 grand final between doggies and balmain tigers... was a brawl, folkes landed a heap of punches to i think was benny elias..

also i remember ... either late 80s or perhaps early 90s when Bulldog legend Terry 'baa baa' Lamb punched out michael speechley from cronulla... hmm how lovely was dat!"


"It was 1991 @ Belmore... It was a scrum - packed twice and Speechley was Niggling. Speechley went again and Baa threw one. Speechley threw one in return and Baa absolutley decked him. The irony was that as Speechley went of, he got 10 in the bin, and Baa got off scot free. We ended up tearing up the Sharks by about 40 i think !!!!!! Eddis Ward was the ref i think.."


"I still have the news report this incident taped after a game somehwre!...It was a RIPPER of a left jab - he was NUGGETY little bloke and there was HEAPS behind it alright - Split his cheek open like a melon!

And I don't think Speechley actually threw a punch - from what i recall it was genuine two hit fight - Lamb hitting Spechley then Spechley hiitting the turf - he shaped up to Baa first TO trow one, but was way too slow for the wily old Cheso lad who knew what was coming - then BANG!...Next thing he knew he was arse up on the ground! Just LOVELY!! "

Appears in the following pages ....P38_Terry LAMB
Date of posting ... 01-Jun-2004
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