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Title: ... p40 Les Davidson & (p44) Blocker Roach - a Poms introduction to Aussie League - by Derek Dodd -

Coming from Luton to Sydney back in 88, a mate of mine I had met in Kathmandu took me to see a League game. Being from Luton and a Union fan/player, League was a mystery to me as it was played only north of Watford Gap Services so had very little impact on soccer-mad Luton!

The match I went to see at the new footy stadium was Souths v Balmain...and to be honest it wasn't very memorable apart from one moment which got me hooked on the sport!
Being a very pedestrian prop...slow and slower being my two main speeds...I was mightily impressed by two of the props on show deciding to lean on each other for support as the game crashed on elsewhere on the pitch. As they leant into each other...I was also impressed by just how fast their hands could move as they connected with each other....Lennox Lewis in his fight against Evander Holyfield has only thrown more punches! In truth neither seemed to hurt each other and both trotted off the field quite happily when the ref decided to stop the entertainment and try and get the crowd focussed back on the game!

So Les Davidson and Steve Roach are responsible for my sneaking interest in the League game!

However on return to England, League vannished into the northern mists once again!

So it is only now 20 years later that I have found your website that my appetite is wetted once again!

Cheers Quigs!

p40 Les Davidson & (p44) Blocker Roach - a Poms introduction to Aussie League - by Derek Dodd - Dorchester UK

Appears in the following pages ....P40_Les DAVIDSON, P44_Steve ROACH
Date of posting ... 11-Jan-2009
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