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Title: ... p43 - Boyd & (p35) Raudonikas Memories of stink between Newtown & Manly

This game had everything. Manly had a brilliant team who probably should have won the premiership. They had bought West's best players - Ray Brown, John Dorahy and Les Boyd - to add toughness to their already star studded team. Newtown were strictly 'spare parts' - an ageing Tom Raudonikis, a great five eighth called Paul Morris, the very underrated Brian Hetherington in the centres. A young blackfella on the wing by the name of John Ferguson..(Phil (What's a packet - a) Sigsworth at fullback. O'Grady, Phil Gould, Mick Pittman, Steve Bowden in the forwards. Coached by Warren Ryan. Strewth! No wonder they were good.
I was in the Bradman stand and the Bowden- Broadhurst thing was going on right below me in the in-goal area. Real NAsty. Bowden had taken leave of his senses. The linesman was screaming at him to stop. The ref was dealing with the other brawl which involved Randall, Pittman, Krilich and O'Grady. 
Randall and Bowden were sent off but the electricity in the air was palpable. Newtown got a penalty shortly after the brawl and Les Boyd stood 15 meters back to line up his old captain, Tom Raudonikis. He was grinning in an evil way, quite frankly. Tommy took the tap, dummied to a couple of players..Boyd surged forward ..Tommy just dropped the ball and nailed him a with punch on the jaw. 

12 against 12 changed the game to Newton's favour. Sigsworth had a blinder.

Comments by Terry Mullane, Australia.

Appears in the following pages ....p21 - Comments on Memorable Matches, P35_Tom RAUDONIKIS, P43_Les BOYD
Date of posting ... 16-May-2010
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