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Title: ... p43 Les Boyd - Memories of a chat over a beer - by T3 England, 9/9/2006

That was 2 years ago and i still have a hand print on my back. Hurt like a bitch. -


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T3, England




When i was but a young Pome i toured Aus for 12mth. Whilst there i was lucky enought to land a job workin for Tooheys Brewry. Boyd also worked as a company rep out in the country somewhere.

I spoke to him once on the phone and to my suprise found out he was comin into the Brewry HQ the next week for a corse. I offered him a beer and the chance off a chat.

I was so lucky he took me up. Me and Boydy had a great chat for a long time and shard a few jars of the good stuff. He told me some great old storys about the past and his days in England. He would stop talkin about him and big Jim at Widnes goin for it. HE told me he was the hardest man he ever played against.

When he left he gave me a playfull slap on the back and a cheerio. That was 2 years ago and i still have a hand print on my back. Hurt like a bitch.

Top bloke and a great player!

Appears in the following pages ....P43_Les BOYD
Date of posting ... 12-Jun-2006
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