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Title: ... p43 Les Boyd - memories on the tackle on Darryl Brohman in State of Origin. by Dave, Quakers Hill NS

Then ..."Whooska" we see Les Boyd run up him and king-hit-smash-pow Brohman on the jaw.


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Dave, Quakers Hill, NSW


Mid 80's


The Les Boyd Copybook Tackle

It was the early-mid 1980's.

My half-jap mate Frank and I, had just turned 18 (sill at school) and were up at the local watching origin.

I cant remember which game in the series, but we are watching big Daryl Brohman in a massive run-up. He was like a freight train. He seemed unstoppable.

He was also a special player as he was one of first of the Penrith (chocolate soldiers in those days) players to play rep football.

He was symbolic of a coming of age for this emerging club.

Then ..."Whooska" we see Les Boyd run up him and king-hit-smash-pow Brohman on the jaw.

Brohman's face (jaw)and Penrith's reps dream lay in tatters.

This was the biff of biff's in my living memory-totally unsurpassed-the whack to end all whacks.

As a postscript, Brohman v Boyd made legal (and league) history as Brohman successfully sued the baby-faced assassin in court for quite a sum.

It begs the question to us biff fans-when is a biff acceptable or when is it a disgrace?

Years later, I hear that Brohman hasn't forgiven Boyd, but ironically, Boyd has seen himself clear to forgive himself.

I, Frank and big Daryl will never forget the Les Boyd copybook tackle.

Appears in the following pages ....P43_Les BOYD
Date of posting ... 11-Jun-2005
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