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Title: ... p43 Les Boyd -(p52)Dallas Donnelly(p50)Terry Randell- Memories of the Battle of Brookvale by Moose U

p43 Les Boyd -The game was being played hard, when a scuffle broke out between Tom Mooney (Manly winger) & Les Boyd -


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The Moose, United States




I remember the famous Battle of Brookvale from the 1979 season.

As defending premiers, Manly struggled in 1979 after so many of their players were selected in the previous year's Kangaroo Tour.

Rex Mossop took a lot of flak for selecting the game for his weekly Sunday night telecast despite there being better games available (per the standings).

Rex as always though had a great intuition.

The game was being played hard, when a scuffle broke out between Tom Mooney (Manly winger) & Les Boyd (Wests second rower).

The Manly captain, max Krilich stepped in to seperate the 2 players, when this freight train charged in from the left hand side of the screen & king hit Krilich.

It was the fastest I ever saw Donelly move. After that it was on for 'young & old' with players fighting over the top of the unconscious Krilich.

Randall (Manly) & Donelly were both sent off with the papers calling the game the day after 'The Battle of Brookvale'.

Max Krilich appeared on the nightly news during the week & couldn't move his neck.

As you guessed he was available & played for Manly the next weekend.

Some truely tough men appeared in that game.

Appears in the following pages ....P43_Les BOYD, P50_Terry RANDALL, P52_John DONNELLY
Date of posting ... 27-Oct-2004
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