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Title: ... p43 Les Boyd (p90)Tamati (p98)Gregory- Memories for player Steve Griffiths ex Salford & Wires 9/

p43 Les Boyd -I played pro in england in the mid 80s for Salford making my full debut against my home town club Warrington -


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Steve Griffiths ex Salford and Warrington Player


Mid 80's


I played pro in england in the mid 80s for Salford making my full debut against my home town club Warrington, who were known as the Zoo in that era. At fullback was a brian johnson who was also making his debut for Warrington - but with alot more experience than i.

The Warrington front row that day would have put fear into any international team. it read Boyd, Tomati, and Jackson(Bob)who I later went on to play with at Warrington.

I recall Alan rathbone being at loose forward on that day also. A little geneous called Andy Gregory was at no 7. Thankfully for us that day Boydy went off early with adead leg - aresult of a mistimed tackle from Roby Muller who caught Les on the thigh with his head of all things.

This game of ours isnt all about braun as we know as the star of the day was at 6. on his day this guy was the best in the world and so he proved as he ran in 4 tries that day on 6th Oct 1986. Phil Blake was mercurial that day. In my eyes he was the master of the chip and chase.

Later on in my "career", Brian Johnson went on to be my coach at Warrington. Brian's feelings on the chip and chase were, "Only try it if you knew it was gonna come off!!" We tried a few!

I played with some great Aussie guys over her in England, Mark Wakefield - is he still in Marwillumbah? Brian Battese- one hell of a worker!! the late Geoff Selby - a brilliant future lay ahead for this talented young guy tragically killed in a car accident in 1989. Neil Baker played with Neil in that Warrington game. Watched in awe as he drew a Leeds defence - chipped and regathered on the full and then drew the fullback and cipped and caught on the full and went under the posts. genious!

Greg Mackey- still holds the record for most consecutive matches for Warrington. kept me from making a full debut for Warrington. What he did was tackle well above his weight. A clever player, learned alot from him.

Well it was nice to share some of my favourite moments in my modest career. I have an aweful lot of precious moments from the best game in the world.

Thanks to all those who helped me make em.

Steve Griffiths
ex Salford and Warrington RL

Appears in the following pages ....P43_Les BOYD, P90_Kevin TAMATI, P98_Andy GREGORY
Date of posting ... 09-Mar-2005
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