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Title: ... p43 Les Boyd - Story from Harry Pinner relayed by Paul Harrison Warrington re Graham Liptrot St Hele

p43 Les Boyd - Not content with that Lippy decides to let boyd have one, a forearm accross the nose that is-


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Paul Harrison, Warrington, England




Les Boyd. Having read all the stories of Les I couldn't add anything myself although I do recall most of those by others.

My story comes from a mate of mine who was playing against Warrington for St Helens. Many of you will remember Harry Pinner from his Saints days and he went on to play for Great Britain, Widnes and (he'll kill me for this one) Carlisle. He was also assistant coach to John Monie at wigan.

Well this is his story of Les Boyd. Don't know the date but it was a sunday afternoon at Knowsley Road, St Helens, and Les is driving the ball forward and is tackled by two saints players but refuses to go down and is trying to offload.

Saints hooker Graham Liptrot comes in third man and completes the tackle knocking Boyd to the ground on his back. Not content with that Lippy decides to let boyd have one, a forearm accross the nose that is.

Harry as saints captain quickly pulls Lippy off the tackle and begins to tell him what an idiot he is and how Boyd would kill him.

Lippy unconcerned tells Harry "don't worry I'm going off, I've just seen my number held up on the touch line". Harry looked over and sure enough the number 9 is held up and Lippy duly trots toward the touch.

As the trainer spots Lippy coming over he looks at the number held aloft and immediately turns it over to bring the five eigth (stand off) off.

Lippy somewhat pale by now returns to the fray, dreading the next scrum. The next scum comes and there's no way Lippy is getting in that front row with Boyd. He asks Harry to pack at hooker which he declined saying he was dreading going in at Lock (loose foward). No one else would swap so Lippy went in. I don't need to finish the story you can all guess what happened, but it involved a stretcher.

Harry asked me to put this on for him hope you enjoy it.

If you want to include Harry on your where are they now he runs a pub in Grappenhall Village, near Warrington called the Parr Arms.

From Quigs - great memories Paul - thank Harry for me.. he must have some more he'd love to share too.. cheers

Appears in the following pages ....P43_Les BOYD
Date of posting ... 02-May-2007
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