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Title: ... p47 - ONeill, memories by McCarthy of Send Offs inc (p102) Ref Holman

Bob Mccarthy recollecting the O'Neill send offs of 1971.


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Bob Mccarthy recollecting the O'Neill send offs of 1971.

South Sydney



courtesy of Tony Adams great book The Hitmen - A tribute to League's tough guys.

Long-time team mate of John O'Neill, Bob McCarthy has vivid memories of O'Neill's suspensions which made headlines back in 1971.

"Whenever I think of Lurch, it's the first thing that comes to mind," McCarthy says. "Against St George, he kneed Beath in the face and was sent straight off. I can see Bath lying there, unconscious on the ground, the blood dropping down from his forehead and forming little pools in his closed eyes. He was really gone; they had to cart him off.

"Then against Parramatta, he flattened Bob O'Reilly the same way and couldn't believe it when the ref Keith Holman, sent him off again.

"You're kidding, big Lurch protested.

"Just look at what you've done to O'Reilly, said Holman in reply, pointing to the prone figure of the giant Parramatta forward.

Lurch just shook his head as he walked off, screaming "Whats the game coming to?"

"That was typical of Lurch; he's just about maimed two blokes but couldn't understand what all the fuss was about. He was a genuine hard man who dished out plenty on the field but never complained when it was handed back to him. It was a different era in the game and he played for keeps.

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Appears in the following pages ....P102_Keith HOLMAN, P47_John O'NEILL
Date of posting ... 12-May-2006
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