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Title: ... p50 - Terry Randall. Memories of a great day for Igor at Brookvale - by Jim Hyland

The whole crowd at Brookvale stood as one and applauded him from the field


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Jim Hyland, Dee Why, NSW




Terry Randall is quite rightly regarded as one of the games real hardmen. But he was much more than that to Manly. Igor started out as a kid with Manly playing in the centres. Not the fastest or most elusive centre in history, but more than adequate, and a 100% trier.

Don't remember which of the Manly coaches decided that Terry had the makings of a good second rower, but Rugby League fans can thank him for moving Randall in closer to the action.

My fondest memory of Randall is from Brookvale Oval many years ago when the Manly played the mighty St.George Dragons.

This match closely followed an inter-state game between NSW and Queensland (pre State of Origin, if my memory serves me correctly) Randall had been brought back as a prop to stiffen the NSW side for the second game after NSW had copped a bit of a hiding from Queensland in the first game.

Terry ripped into Queensland as only he could and was the "man of the match" with his brutal defence and no nonsense, up the guts charges with the pill. He really got stuck in and used his body as a battering ram as he got on top of the Queensland pack.

He backed up for the Manly/St George game a few days later and despite the numerous injuries he played with, he once again just about won the game for Manly on his own.

With the game won the Manly coach gave him an early mark ten minutes from the end. The whole crowd at Brookvale stood as one and applauded him from the field.

As impressive as this was, it was nothing when compared to the fact that every player from both teams stopped and clapped him off the ground as well.

Even legendary hard man Rex (the Moose) Mossop found this well deserved tribute a "moving moment", as he stated during his television commentary on the match.

To my mind it was simply an "educated" rugby league crowd, and some of the game's greatest ever players publically acknowledging what we already knew, that this bloke was special.

Terry looks as good today as he did when he played all those years ago. If he is more than a couple of pounds above his old playing weight I'd be amazed.

Lugging rocks in his landscaping business must provide the perfect training activity for Terry and you get the feeling he could run on again today and still give a good account of himself.

Hard man? You bet he was. Team man? Yep, never seen one better.

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Date of posting ... 29-Sep-2006
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