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Title: ... p51 - Malcolm Reilly.and a meeting with Quigs @ Castleford 1990

having a chat with Mal at Castleford, then catching up with "mad" Laurie Nichols


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I had the pleasure of having a chat with Malcolm Reilly on the 4th November 1990, it was at the completion of the Kangaroos touring game against Castleford. It was a night game and it was bloody freezing. It was that cold that I had wrapped a blanket around my head to keep me warm.

I was part of the large contingent of RLW supporters who traveled to the UK to watch the series. On this particular night the RLW had organized an after game function in a huge open Marquee outside of the ground. We were all invited to attend. During the game an announcement was made over the PA system that there would be an official function underneath the stand for the members and their guests.

Owing to the arctic conditions and the fact that the Marquee was an open sided affair, my offsider at the time I think it was John Ware,(not sure now) decided as aussies do that there was now a window of opportunity and we shall take it. A warm location for beer or shivering for a couple more hours drinking beer.

As John and I were making our way around from the other side of the ground I spotted Malcolm walking alone and obviously towards the official function. I went up to him, and introduced myself and sincerely congratulated him on his teams winning the first test at Wembley.

He was a very friendly and responded with friendly banter. I also told him I was a die in the hard Shark supporter and I have never forgiven him and Manly and bloody Fulton for the 73 Grand final result. He found this humorous and was laughing with me and John as we entered underneath the stand. I enjoyed my brief conversation with Reilly.

We where now at the door of the official function and as you would expect all attention was turned to the Great Britain Coach who was one up in the series. And who was beside him but two blockheaded Aussie supporters seeking warmth and sanctuary from the cold. The doorman asked if we were with the aussie officials, a polite nod was all that was needed and we were in.

The doorman pointed us to where most the aussies were and the only one I could pick out was the late great Tigers man Laurie Nicholls. Laurie spotted us and called us over..........and believe it or not, Laurie was standing at the bar wearing a bloody loose fitting singlet.

Appears in the following pages ....P51_Malcolm REILLY
Date of posting ... 18-Nov-2003
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