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Title: ... p53 - Tommy Bishop and Local Sportsmans Night - why he kicked Changa in the Head. by Quigs

As Tommy got up, and with Changa still down around his feet, Tommy just let fly


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Quigs - webmaster


1990 - comments about a test match back in the 60's



Way back in 1990 we had the pleasure of having Tommy Bishop, John Sattler, a Kiwi international Bernie Lowther and John Peard up for a sportsmans night to raise a bit of money for our juniors.....

During the night they had film going of some of each players old highlights. In one of Tommys, he was tackled by Graeme Langlands (I think) any way it was one of the Australian greats, and during an Aussie Britain test. As Tommy got up, and with Changa still down around his feet, Tommy just let fly with a right boot and kicked Changa in the head.

One of the crowd at the sportsman's night said, "why did you kick Changa in the head when he was on the ground." To which Tommy nonchalantly replied, "I couldn't hit him could I, I had the ball in me hand.

That is the Tommy I know.

When he first arrived out here (Aus) he would always do the little grubber kick towards the opponents tryline. As everyone was following the ball, they soon realized that Tommy was sprawled on the deck. The ref and linesman would not know what has happend but Tommy would pick himself up, dust himself off and then commence to try and wack a big forward who was somewhere in the line of his kick. The ref naturally thought that the big forward had decked Tommy so he'd award a penalty to Tommy's Cronulla side, and usually right in front.

This only caused the so called offending forward to spit his dummy and for the rest of the game would try and get square. With Tommy nipping at his heels for the rest of the game it was always fun to watch.

You could not get away with it in this day and age with all the cameras and crap they carry on with now.

Appears in the following pages ....P53_Tommy BISHOP, P63_ Changa LANGLANDS
Date of posting ... 05-Jan-2004
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