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Title: ... p53 - Tommy Bishop introduces the cut out pass to Sharks Winger Ray Corcoran

what must of been the first time some of these sharks players had seen, ......  the long cut out pass.


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Cronulla Sutherland Sharks




I remember travelling to the Sydney Sports Ground to watch the Sharks under their new Captain Coach Tommy Bishop take on the Eastern Suburbs Roosters.

Cronulla had a brilliant attacking winger in those days named Ray Corcoran. Ray topped the leading tryscorers for a couple of years, I think it was 72 and 73. Unfortunately Ray's defence was to say the least very ordinary.

Early on into the game Cronulla had a golden opportunity to go on the attack and the backline was set deep, as it was in those day. Bishop sensing that there was space out wide threw, what must of been the first time some of these sharks players had seen, ......  the long cut out pass.

Ray who was standing way out on the left wing was not even remotely thinking that the ball was coming to him so soon in the backline movement and was intent on watching his opposition and not keeping his eye on the ball.

He was startled to see the ball nearly hitting the running linesman to his left as the pass wissed like a bullet past his chest.

Ray soon got the hang of Bishops brilliant ball skills and as a result was often up there or leading in the tryscoring stakes

I am pretty sure that Sir Thomas would not have kept too quiet about Ray not anticipating the pass at training after that particular game.

Appears in the following pages ....P53_Tommy BISHOP
Date of posting ... 11-Nov-2003
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