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Title: ... p53 - Tommy Bishop & (p29) John Sattler, and an altercation at Redfern

p53 - Tommy Bishop & (p29) John Sattler, and an altercation at Redfern


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1972 I think



I remember watching a game at Redfern Oval between the Rabbitohs and the quickly improving Sharks led by the cheeky dirty little pommy (oh how I loved to watch him) Tommy Bishop.

It was always an adventure to go to Redfern Oval and sit on the eastern hill and watch a game. It was a place where you had to watch your P's and Q's because some of them old South Sydney faithfull could be pretty violent in their day. I remember getting a whack with an umbrella from a dear old souths lady when Cronulla scored once.

Bishop was at his annoying best during this particular game and was giving everyone in a red and green jersey a hard time. He would start a blue and then have his big men step in and take on Souths finest. And the Souths finest at that time did not have to prove anything to anyone.

Satts and Bishop were exchanging words when Tommy let fly with a short sharp punch which caught Satts a bit of guard. By the time Satts wanted to retaliate Bishop had his head firmly under Satts armpit and one hand locked onto the back of his jesey and was swinging at a hundred miles and hour. It looked like a little fox terrier taking on a doberman. But because of the size difference Satts had no where to hit Bishop but on his back and butt.

The players had a battle to prize them apart......

I laughed to myself over that "blue" but I pity the poor shark forward that Satts might of got even with that night.

Appears in the following pages ....P29_John SATTLER, P53_Tommy BISHOP
Date of posting ... 01-May-2003
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