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Title: ... p58 - Billy Smith and an alleged run in with a very important politcian... (well to some)

This story has received a bit of censorship  because I guess we have too.


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FROM QUIGS........ THIS ALLEGED STORY HAS BEEN CENSORED IN SOME PARTS TO PROTECT CERTAIN POLITICIANS and an election has just been called - sorry to contributor but I guess we have to have some decorum)

As many of you know the Dragons -V- Rabbitohs "Match Of The Day" at the SCG was built up as a nostalgic promotion between two great clubs returning to hallowed turf.

In one of the function rooms former Dragons greats got together with their old Souths rivals for a few drinks as part of the festivities.....Billy Smith was there and no doubt Johnny Raper and co. You know the usual suspects.

The amber ale was flowing, and old stories were swapped. But apparantly things turned a little sour. The kegs or taps were playing up and the beer was flowing very slowly.

By now the Dragons greats were very frustrated. There was a massive line at the bar and no one could get a drink.

Billy became very agitated.

At around about this time "Politician X" got in contact with Robert Stone in his capacity as Chief Executive Officer of the Dragons Football Club. He phoned him up wanting to join the party.

As a Dragons fan, "Politician X" wanted to come up and rub shoulders with the likes of Billy Smith, Chook Raper, Reg Gasnier etc. And have a drink with the guys.

The lines are getting longer at the bar as the beer was flowing slowly. Billy gets a bit more rowdy and abusive towards the bar staff and demands a beer.

In walks "Politician X" into the foyer. Shadowing him are two bodyguards.

Billy Smith see him, grabs him in a headlock and drags him towards the bar.

He screams towards the bar staff..........

"Now I've got the *#@*#@' "Politician X's exulted rank" ! Can I have a #*#@ng beer now?"

Apparently "Politician X" played along with it and the whole room erupted with laughter.

Appears in the following pages ....P58_Billy SMITH
Date of posting ... 30-Aug-2004
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