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Title: ... p58 - Billy Smith& (p63) Changa Langlands blitz Manly in the 1971 Final - by Norman Faibairn

It's a pity no one told Smith and Langlands. ................


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Norman Faibairn

St George



It was the 1971 final between St George and Manly with Manly red hot favourites with players like Fulton, Reilly, McDonald, Hamilton, Freddy Jones etc.

St George looked like a bunch of no name easybeats with only two exceptions in Graeme Langlands and Billy Smith.

St George had won the 1st Semi Final against Parramatta in an extra time thriller but were still absolute underdogs for the final.

It's a pity no one told Smith and Langlands.

From a position deep in the south west corner of the SCG Smith went to dummy half having stacked the blindside with 3 players one of which was Langlands,as the Manly defence slid across to cover the blindside raid Langlands sidestepped inside as Smith pivoted and changed direction to the open side, firing an inside pass to "Chang" who sliced between the Manly slide defence to score.

Barely ten minutes later Smith in the identical position this time ran to the open side from dummy half , stopped, pivoted and put up a bomb into the south west ( Randwick) corner where again the ever-present Langlands was scooting down the blindside, dived through the air like Nureyev catching the ball on the full in mid air, crashing over to score.

Manly and the bookies were in disbelief, St George fans were ecstatic.

Appears in the following pages ....P58_Billy SMITH, P63_ Changa LANGLANDS
Date of posting ... 23-Apr-2004
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