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Title: ... p60 - Jim Mills- a funny sendoff at the hands of Mr Billy Thompson.... by rguy, Halifax.

jim turned and pointed to billy's hair. "where did you get that f@x@in' rug"


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rguy, Halifax UK




Billy thompson was a ref at the time jim was playing. he was widely regarded as the best ref at the time and known not to stand any nonsense.

In one match both billy and jim managed to live up to their reputations magnificently. as per usual billy made his pre-match warnings about not standing for any dirty play, to which jim responded with an audible chuckle, nothing said.

As perusual, in the first 5 minutes of the game, jim committed an act of thuggery. sure enough billy called him over. as he walked across jim was laughing. perplexed, billy asked what was so funny? no reply except more laughter and a shake of the head. billy responded by pointing out that the big fella was about be sent off and "you think it's so funny then". more laughter.

So the whistle went and the finger pointed to the sheds - even more laughter as jim turned to walk off, continuing to chuckle to himself. billy couldn't stand it any more and had to ask what was so funny. jim turned and pointed to billy's hair. "where did you get that f@x@in' rug" was all he said before turning to leave the field for yet another early bath, and leaving the remaining members of both sides in fits.

As told by the immortal mr thompson himself.

Appears in the following pages ....P60_Jim MILLS
Date of posting ... 03-Feb-2006
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