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Title: ... p63 - Graeme Changa Langlands injured before the 2008 World Cup Final

The truck moved off just when he wasn't expecting it


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By Peter Badel, Daily Telegraph (Sydney)




By Peter Badel, Daily Telegraph (Sydney)

LEAGUE Immortal Graeme Langlands was knocked unconscious when he fell from a vehicle in a dramatic incident moments before the World Cup final kicked off.

Fellow legend Noel Kelly recounted the terrifying moment the Dragons legend fell heavily to the ground at Suncorp Stadium in a pre-match promotion that went horribly wrong.

The 67-year-old lay motionless in the south-east corner of the stadium for almost 20 minutes as medicos rushed to attend to Langlands.

Graeme Langlands ... the league legend is treated after a fall before the Rugby League World Cup final.

The veteran of 45 Tests between 1963-75 was placed in a neck brace and taken to Wesley Hospital for precautionary scans. Langlands was understood to be in a stable condition last night.

Wests great Kelly, who with Bob Fulton was alongside the St George icon in the cavalcade, was shocked by the incident.

"It was a hell of a thing to see. You could hear the thud from a long way away,'' Kelly said. "I was there right on the spot. I heard him fall, he hit the ground with his right shoulder and the back of his head.

"The truck moved off just when he wasn't expecting it. The tailgate was up and it was knee high and he hit that and that toppled him and he went over head first. He was pretty agitated during it all.

"I asked him if he was alright and told him to relax as much as he could. `Bozo' (Fulton) is with him on the way to hospital so hopefully he's OK. It wasn't a good way to finish the lap of honour. We all got a shock.''

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Date of posting ... 01-May-2000
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