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Title: ... p63 - I was there in 1974 when Changa Langlands played his last test by David Whyte

Changa again proved one of the greatest footballers ever.


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David Whyte,
Kindly reproduced with permission fromthe
Saints Immortals website - I recommend you pay a visit to that site. Link appears above




I was there in 1974 when Changa Langlands played his last test.
(Reproduced with permission from the Saints Immortals website)

A magnificent sunny day at the SCG, versus the Poms. The deciding Test of the series, the series that introduced the around the corner kicking style.

This is the game that Ron Casey claimed that the young Graham Eadie should have been in the test in front of Changa. Casey saying he was over the hill and past it.

I was 13 at the time, my father and I sat behind the goals in front of the Bradman Stand It is much of a blur to me now but the three most enduring memories are of John Gray kicking goals from anywhere and every where with this weird kicking style. They would look like missing and just bend back to add the their score.

At half time when Australia were down, the man sitting next to me was telling me that they should have picked that bloke "REDDY" from St George because he's going to be a star.

But undoubtly the memory that is etched in my mind is Changa scoring in the hill corner and converting from the sideline. This if my memory hasn¹t failed me, sealed the win for Australia. I had a tear in my eye that day as I do now.

Changa again proved one of the greatest footballers ever. He may not have finished club football as he deserved but he finished International football the champion he was and the IMMORTAL he will always be.

David Whyte

PS I also remember the next day Ron Casey being put into stocks and I think it was Peter Peters who gave him egg on his face for his comments about Chang

Appears in the following pages ....P63_ Changa LANGLANDS, P77_Graham EADIE
Date of posting ... 31-May-2003
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