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Title: ... p72 - Neville Hornery - Bris -v- Poms memories by Barry Green, Everton Hills, Australia

Then Nev Hornery came on and, given his reputation, everyone expected him to explode


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Barry Green, Everton Hills, Australia




1975 World Cup in Australia.

Great Britain was split into England and Wales for this one and England played Brisbane in a mid week "friendly" under lights at Lang Park.

The QRL put on a fireworks display at the start (rare in those days), but it was the Poms who were really fired up. I don't think I can recall personally having seen a rougher match.

English centre Les Dyl made no attempt to tackle his opposite number, Redcliffe strongman Peter Leis, but instead grabbed Leis by his long frizzy locks and threw him over his shoulder.

Brisbane's flashy fullback Gary Thomas (Bris Wests and formerly Parramatta) was particularly hard dealt with and the forward encounters could only be described as brutal.

Then Nev Hornery (Wynnum Manly and ex-Canterbury legendary hothead) came on and, given his reputation, everyone expected him to explode and give the Poms plenty.

Not sure if packing down alongside the disciplined Des Morris helped, but Hornery never threw a punch, just soaked up the head highs and niggle, and it was largely this type of composure that saw the Brisbane boys keep their heads and go on to cause an upset win.

There was an exception though: halfback Ross Strudwick (Valleys and ex-St George) was flattened by English props, the brothers Chisnall.

Referee Bernie Pramberg called them out and while they argued, the runner hit Struddy with the smelling salts and he came to, got up, picked up the ball which was heavy with the evening due and sweat, and walked up and threw it as hard as he could into one of the Chisnall's face!

The big Pommy prop roared, then set about chasing Strudwick around and around Pramberg, who was left spinning on the spot, blowing his whistle madly like a traffic cop on points duty, but with no one taking any notice! As far as I recall, Chisnall never caught the fleet footed Strudwick, which was probably just as well.

What a night! What a game!

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Date of posting ... 21-May-2006
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