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Title: ... p76 - Dane Sorensen - Leeds requested to soften up the Kiwi prior to a test _ by Ghout

p76 - Dane Sorensen - Leeds requested to soften up the Kiwi prior to a test _ by Ghout


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"GHOUT" United Kingdom


Mid 80's


The game took place in the mid 80's, and the coach in charge of Leeds at the time was former GB and Bradford coach, Peter Fox.

Leeds had been told by the Great Britain management to 'soften' up the Kiwis for the first ten minutes so that they would be carrying a few cracks into the upcoming test match with GB the next weekend.

Well, to be fair, Leeds actually started it and started it with some silly high shots. The problem was that New Zealands pack consisted of some VERY hard players, the likes of Sorenson, Tamati, Graeme West, et al.

Leeds were playing in their change strip, which was white, and not one player came off the field without blood on his shirt. Seven players were stretchered from the field that day, and Keith Rayne, Leeds ex GB prop suffered a broken nose and broken fingers, yet still refused to leave the field.

It was only when he recieved six broken ribs through knees in the tackle that he was forced from the field. Things got so bad that the Leeds directors made Peter Fox attempt to take his players from the field of play, and yet everyone refused. Leeds lost the game 14-11, if I remember correctly, and finished with 11 men.

Many thanks to GHOUT, UK for submitting this game

Appears in the following pages ....P76_Dane SORENSEN, P81_Kurt SORENSEN, P90_Kevin TAMATI
Date of posting ... 12-May-2003
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