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Title: ... p82 Irvine, p64 Gasnier & p63 Langlands - Memories of game agains Castleford 1963 -by David Nath

I have watched our great game for over 50 years.

The great moments I could recall are many. the one I have chosen was in 1963 Castleford v Australia at Wheldon road.

The kangeroos were fresh from there fist test win and picked a very strong team including full back Johns Gasnier, Langlands and Irvine. Cas. started strongly and were soon 10-0 up through 2 tries by Johnny Ward and 2 goals by John Clark. The second of which just scraped over the bar both touch judges waived no goal but ref over ruled them, It was a goal I was behind the goals.

The aussies then clicked into gear Ken Irvine scoring two great tries in the right corner at the wheldon road end.10-8 to Cas at half time the second half was a very tense affair. Langlands Penalty levelled the scores and in the last couple of minutes Les Johns dropped a goal from near half way. 10-12.

Then a Australian pass was intercepted by Frank Smith who ran 50yds for the winning try

The Aussies got a penalty with the last kick of the match and from half way Langlands hit the top of the post and the ball came out.

A truely memorable match. I got some autographs after the game including Gasnier Irvine and Johns but Graham Langlands told me to F*** off. Never mind

p82 Irvine, p64 Gasnier & p63 Langlands - Memories of game agains Castleford 1963 -by David Nathan

Appears in the following pages ....P63_ Changa LANGLANDS, P64_Reg GASNIER, P82_Ken IRVINE
Date of posting ... 25-Aug-2009
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