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Title: ... p84 - Eric Simms - memories as a kid of making money at the SCG through Simms Boot

I was a kid of 12 -13 then and a group of us had travelled by train from Gymea in the Sutherland Shire to the SCG


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1968 World Cup Final at the SCG


The 1968 World Cup Final was played at the SCG between Australia and the Frogs. (France).

I was a kid of 12 -13 then and a group of us had travelled by train from Gymea in the Sutherland Shire to the SCG in the centre of Sydney to take in the final. As a kid in those days it was great to sit on the famous "Hill" and take in the atmosphere. It was also a great spot to make a quid, because you got to collect all the small beer glasses that the old guys drunk on the Hill and you got a zack for them when you took them back to the bar under the famous old scoreboard. It was a real good money spinner for us kids.

We were always looked after by the Old footie guys and it was fun. They would always stockpile their own empties and slip them to you when the game was quiet.

This particular game I will never forget because Simms's was the radar goal kicker for the Roos and they won by 20 odd points to the frogs one and only field goal....(I think)

What I wont forget about that game was the generosity of the Old guys when we would come back from taking their empties glasses back and collecting the large sums of small change, these same old blokes would wage us a zack each that Simms would miss a goal attempt he was about to take. Usually these shots were right in front or close there to. If he kicked it, and most times he did, we got another zack off a few of them, and if he missed they wouldn't take our dough.

Ah the good old days, imagine that happening now..... and thanks Ekka for the success rate.

Appears in the following pages ....P84_Eric SIMMS
Date of posting ... 05-May-2003
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