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Title: ... p85 - Roger Millward a meeting Rodger and Quigs after 1st Test 1990

I politely introduced myself to Roger and congratulated him on the "bloody Poms" winning the test


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I had the pleasure of meeting Rodger the Dodger in our Hotel on the night of the First Test Match of the 1990 Tour. The Poms had beaten us at Wembley and they were all on a high. First test and one up and all.

I was part of the brilliant RugbyLeague Week Supporters Tour and we were booked into a very classy Hotel to the side of Buckingham Palace in London. It was right opposite where the Queen parks all her stagecoaches.

As was the practice over there, if patrons of the Hotel were still drinking then the Bar remained open. I happend to wander into the Hotels bar late in the evening and slightly merry. I was in the process of trying to drown the taste of defeat from my mouth.

As I was talking to a small group of fellow tourists I noticed that Sir Roger was at the Bar also.

I politely introduced myself to Roger and congratulated him on the "bloody Poms" winning the test. I told him that I was an old Shark supporter and his eyes lit up. He asked me about the Shire, and was sincerely upset that the transfer ban had stopped him from finishing his career in Australia and with the Sharks. We had a great conversation about the Shark days and as he was talking to me he introduced me to another gentleman, whom he said captained the Lions in "ex" year. My apologies for not remembering the gentlemans name, then he pointed two elderly gentlemen sitting down at a table near us. He animately gestured to these two "old" guys to get up and get over here, indicating the bar where both I and the other ex captain where. Roger then introduced me to these other two older gentlemen. Both were ex Great Britain Captains. (Sorry I can't remember their names but they were great old gentleman) So here was I with four Great Britain Captains sharing their stories and enjoying their company. I thought if this is early in the tour then I am in rugby league hevan.

A FOOTNOTE HERE: Another person who was in Rogers company was a gentleman whose name I believe to be Jack Thurgood, he was the chairman of the Club Roger was coaching...... we were involved in some indepth conversation about league, and me being the experienced front rower from the Emu Park Reserve Grade side in the 2nd Division in Central Queensland I offered my services to his club the following year. He told me without hesitation, that there was two reasons why I wont be playing at his club the next season, One, "Yur toooo foookinn old" and Two, "We don't foookinnn want you". Handling rejection as I usually do, we both had a good laugh and another pint.......

Appears in the following pages ....P85_Roger MILLWARD
Date of posting ... 01-May-2001
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