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Title: ... p85 - Roger Millward Comments by Graham Handforth, Hull UK

If the Queen had known anything about Rugby League, she'd have ditched Phil the Greek and made Roger King!


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Graham Handforth, Hull UK

Hull K.R.



I have to correct what you said about Roger's knighthood, quigs .

If the Queen had known anything about Rugby League, she'd have ditched Phil the Greek and made Roger King!

Roger recently contacted the Junior Robins (Rovers' U16 supporters) to accept our invitation to a party (at Craven Park, 30th April 2005) for the kids to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Rovers' Wembley win over Hull FC

It's all a part of our plan to educate our youngsters that there's more to Rugby League than just the TV image they see.

We want them to know all about the history and legends of the game and to feel part of it.


Great night, fantastic memories of real rugby league and of a true rugby league hero

From Graham Handford of Hull......
A fantastic picture of 'Sir' Roger Millward.
It was taken on the night of the anniversary of Hull KR's Wembley win against the old enemy ,Hull FC.

(It was 25 years ago but we've still got the bragging rights!)

Roger was guest of honour and we asked him to be the President of the Junior Robins (Hull KRs 0-16 supporters group) and he agreed.

Roger said he was both surprised and humbled by the turnout (250) and he said he couldn't believe he was still so well thought of and the fact that the kids (who had never seen him play) could be so excited, having their photos taken with him.

Roger spent the entire night having his photo taken, signing autographs and chatting to the kids.

We had an auction that raised over £800, mostly cos everything was signed by Roger - we'd have made about fifty quid otherwise! I even auctioned a meat pie he'd signed!

The great Anniversery Cake........"what a beauty"

(Thanks Graham ......Roger is a great bloke, no arguments this side of the world either...Quigs)

Appears in the following pages ....P85_Roger MILLWARD
Date of posting ... 23-May-2005
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