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Title: ... p87 - Steve Kneen Comments on SK by Brett wobbegong Roberts, Surrey Hills Sydney

Steve Kneen was always and will always be one of my true favourites from the shire side.


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brett wobbegong roberts, Surrey Hills Sydney

Cronulla Sutherland

67 -78


Im an old Cronulla Sutherland Sharkie from way back. I believe I started following the Sharks the year they entered the comp as a young 5 year old.

My father being a parramatta supporter,would take my brother and myself to the home games at cumberland oval. We didnt miss a parra home game for many years.

On this particular occasion Parramatta where playing Cronulla, it was the first time the sharks had travelled to cumberland oval. In those days to support your team you could purchase at the ground tiny triangular flags with your team colours and logos.

On this day my father went to buy my brother and me a parramatta flag but found there was only one parramatta flag left and plenty of sharkie flags so he bought one of each. Me being the younger i suppose ended up with the shark flag. This is where it all started for me as a die hard cronulla supporter from that day on. Even though the sharks where beaten by parra i continued to follow them with dedication to this day where i am now a regular season ticket holder and have been for many years.

Steve Kneen was always and will always be one of my true favourites from the shire side.

I have great memories of this leen tall tough as tough can be second rower who played a major part in cronullas successfull grand final 78 side and years onwards.

He was chosen to tour a Kangaroo in 1978, just showing you just what a great footballer he was with all the great second row forwards around in those days.

I particularly can remember his non stop tackling efforts every time he wore the famous shark colours he was a fierce competitor who will always be held with greatness when spoken of at shark park

Appears in the following pages ....P87_Steve KNEEN
Date of posting ... 02-May-2005
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