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Title: ... p90 - Kevin Tamati,comments by Osborne Karauia, Hastings, NZ

This is my story about Kevin who I knew when he was just starting out playing league.


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Osborne Karauia, Hastings, NZ




Osborne Karauria

I know Kevin personally, he is married to my first cousin Tira. They come around to visit me often, and sometimes he drops out to my work just to pass the time away, or to just make contact whenever he gets the urge. Im actually about to help build a deck for his house when I get the chance.

This is my story about Kevin who I knew when he was just starting out playing league.

I met him for the first time years ago down in Wellington, and only saw him play two games here in NZ. The rest I saw him play on the TV.

When they moved to England, I got the impression that this was his big break and he would make money as alot of either league players or rugby players do now.

This is what I think now. This man was one of the first men who actuallt put the game on the map here in NZ. As did other guys from that era. Where are they now, whats become of them. This I know right now.

I dont think rehashing that brawl was all there was to this man. Is that all we remember Kevin for. I know him to be a real man, and perhaps deep down inside of him, that brawl is his 15 minutes of fame, I dont think so..

Give the man more credit then just that brawl. Hes a man, and when hes in my house just sitting here and we're having a good laugh about anything, or just shooting the breeze. I dont think of him as just that brawler. I think of him as part of my extended family. And a man I can call a friend, I dont just mean a friend who had a one time brawl on some league field.

I can feel his aura. And to have that sort of aura about ones person, I would give anything to have.

This is my point to this story.

The man now works at the freezing works, grows saffron, is trying to do up a old house.

While the next generation of league players are reaping the benifits Kevin and his kind sowed the seeds to.

Appears in the following pages ....P90_Kevin TAMATI
Date of posting ... 09-May-2005
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