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Title: ... p94 - Craig Young New Craig when Albert was Piggy by Craig Norenbergs - Sydney

Craig "Piggy" Young. You didn't sign him up-- you unleished him!


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Craig Norenbergs - Sydney




Craig "Piggy" Young. You didn't sign him up-- you unleished him! You just knew that "training" days consisted of a couple of laps of the oval at Kogarah, a game of touch and off to the leagues club.

But he never huffed and puffed or took a backward step.

With scratches and bruises on his face, I can only imagine how many schooners were sunk after the games back at the club, or the night before.

Imagine Piggy and Rod Reddy on the piss together.

(Quigs email off to Craig and questioned his calling Young 'Piggy' as his nickname has always been Albert- this is Craigs reply - many thanks Craig)

I used to sit on the hill at Seiffert Oval in Queanbeyan and we’d call him “Piggy”…should have said that!

Actually, I remember a cold day when the Raiders beat the Saints in the old days. The Raiders had just come into the comp, and we’d got to Seiffert early, drove our old Ford in—as you could in those days—and took our place lined up on the old hill.

The Raiders were stacked with “household” names back then, like Gerry De la Cruz and Sammy Vukago, but they were heroes in lime green to us.

We beat Piggy (Albert) and his men that day, with speedster Angel Marina scoring the winner in the corner.

And then—after the game—we saw Craig Young at the Quenbeyan Leagues Club.

It was like Elvis was in town!

We still called him “Piggy”, and he laughed

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Date of posting ... 21-May-2007
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