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Title: ... p96 Mike Coulman - Comments by Mike Dickinson (inc blue with (p60) Mills)

mike coulman salford,late 60s-early 70s, prop.

i remember watching mike many times for salford, really powerfull runs down the middle, legs like tree trunks gaining lots of yardage the old fasioned way for what was a truly great team, watkins, banner, gill, feilding,richards,dixon,etc,truly great players who many will never forget.

coulman a hardman?... i remember a rl international at the willows in 73 ithink it was, england v wales, coulman v the collosus jim mills (widnes) in one scrum,(when they were real)coulman and mills had a little fall out and coulman unleashed a massive right hook that hit mills, you could hear all around the ground. lesser men would have gone down but mills shook it off and got on with it, two great props who you will never see the likes of again!

p96 Mike Coulman - Comments by Mike Dickinson (inc blue with (p60) Mills)

Appears in the following pages ....P60_Jim MILLS, P96_Mike COULMAN
Date of posting ... 22-Apr-2009
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