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Title: ... p98 - Andy Gregory an early morning meeting with AG by Grant Kelly, the Illawarra

at a Vietnamese bakery at about 6am in the morning. I had been on the piss the night before.


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Grant Kelly, the Illawarra

Illawarra Steelers



Andy Gregory story. (Note: Quigs had to slightly censor this story, B's for C's if you get my drift)

I met Gregory just after he came out to play for the lllawarra Steelers. (he and Steve Hampson?) I met him in down town Wollongong at a Vietnamese bakery at about 6am in the morning. I had been on the piss the night before. This was in the lead up week to the 1989? Panasonic Final Illawarra were playing in against Brisbane. Brisbane were chock a block with Internationals and had yet to win a title.

The Steelers had been through some very lean times. I myself had been to 18 home games at Wollongong Showground over the previous 3 years and they had lost most and drew a few. I thought I was some form of kiss of death. They had found some form in this mid week comp and scraped into the final stages of the comp by playing out a draw with Norths. They followed this up with the highest scoring win in the clubs history when they flogged Cronulla 44-0 to go into the final against a Lewis led Brisbane. The Steeltown was electric with anticipation, trepidation, interstate rivalry, and just pure league loving intensity. The game couldn't come soon enough.

So with this in mind, I found myself early on the Saturday before the final walking up to Andy to wish him well in the big one. The moment obviously got the better of me as after politely introducing myself I launched into a tirade of violent suggestions for Andy. All of it centred on Andy getting the better of Allan Langer. "Andy" I said "get hold of that little B from the outset and give it to him. Give him everything. If his fingers get anywhere ya gob, chomp on 'em. If the ref's not lookin', kick that little B right in the head. Tread on him. Say stuff about his missus. Do not let up on this little B. Nobody has been relentless with him since he has hit the top grade and I think he is suspect. Andy, you can stick it right up this B and show him what a tough halfback plays like. F'n stick it right up the B."

Now, keep in mind that Andy was just out to pick a loaf of bread at dawn and some pissed idiot was chewing his ear off. Breathing stale beer fumes all over him. Keep in mind that I had on several occassions referred to Allan Langer as a "Little C" and Andy himself is around 5 and a half foot tall. But I'll never forget how Andy handled himself and me in this situation. He looked me right in the eye and never moved his gaze. To me, his eyes had the look of someone who had done time in gaol. He let me rant and rave and just said at the end of it "O aye lud"

Then he bought a tank loaf and 6 rolls

Appears in the following pages ....P98_Andy GREGORY
Date of posting ... 23-May-2005
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