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fm48 - A visit to Wembley and the 1968 Waterslide Final

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Monday, May 14, 2012
Richard Baddely
Leeds .. is the club I follow

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My favorite Moment is: My first visit to Wembley. As a long standing Leeds fan it is everyone's dream to see their team play at Wembley. Leeds played Wakefeild a few weeks before the final and I remember John Atkinson scoring a great try from a Risman kick. The final was a meeting of 2 top teams BUT....no one took acount of the weather.

My late father - 60+ years a supporter of Leeds asked me what I thought of Wembley. Disappointment was my reaction, particularly as it had just started raining. It lashed it down and people came into the stadium saturated.

The first few minutes were laughable and really, the game should not have been played. Tries scored through water on the pitch and then came the finale. Leeds kicked a penalty through Risman and it looked all over. A kick off from Wakefield and a mishandle by Leeds saw I think Hirst kick the ball and it went over the line for Wakefield to score -leaving Wakefield needing to kick the goal to win in front of the post.

I was sat on the try line. All I could see was one vertical post - not both.

As Fox went to kick I could not understand why the Leeds players were jumping for joy. Eddie Waring's words come back - HE'S MISSED IT!!

My 1st visit and I saw my team win. BUT, it was a game that should not have been played and it did not do justice to the game of rugby league.

On reflection, it is my favourite moment and I vividly remember players skidding 20 yards after a tackle, penalty try to Leeds, Wakefield scoring after a mishandle by Atkinson.

FOOTNOTE FROM QUIGS..... Ive been waiting for someone from the UK to remember this game. I remember watching this one live late at night with my Mum. I was 13. I could not tell you who played but I remember the atrocious conditions and the missed goal after the bell. During our Rugby League Week Supporters Tour in 1990 we had a night at (just found me copy of the ticket) it was a gala Night at the Refectory University of Leeds 24th November 1990. During the night they played the video of that game and four of the players were present. The Fox brothers, Neil and Peter???. Was it Peter that missed the goal. Help me out here punters.

Anyhow it was a great night. Good League memories.


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