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fm26 - Phil Gould and Daryl Brohman - heckled by supporters in their Canterbury Bulldogs days.

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Prodigal Son, a member of the Kennel, Canterbury fansite.

Now, that reminds me of a funny (but true!!!) story involving Phil Gould and Darryl Brohman (and me and a friend) in 1984.

Now, Phil Gould and Darryl Brohman came from Penrith to Canterbury at the start of 1984. Me and my friend (who went together to about 15 Bulldogs games that year) were not too keen on this as we considered at the time that their defence was suspect and their attacking skills were overrated (and that there were better players that Canterbury could have purchased). Nonetheless, they were there.

In the mid 1980s me and my friend used to sit behind the goalposts at the Canterbury Road end of the ground, as this was where the most vocal/passionate Canterbury supporters would congregate (by comparison the Stewart Stand was like an English County Cricket crowd!). In those days we would get there early and see all 3 grades!

Anyway, Gould and Brohman are playing in Reserve grade and are having shocking games, especially Phil (dropping ball, missing tackles etc). Its not even half time, and the score is already something like 24-0 to the opposition (I forget who the opponents were - after all, it was 20 years ago!). To make matters worse for Phil, he is the captain and is not talking to his players (in period between when opposition score their tries and conversion is taken).

Anyway, another opposition try has just been scored and the Bulldogs Reserve Grade team are (yet again) near the goalposts waiting for the conversion to take place.

By this stage my friend has had enough and gets stuck into Gould big time (from memory Gould missed a tackle that led to the try).

He shouts things like ..........."you're the captain Gould, why don't you talk to your players.......you're useless Gould..........you're as useful as a bump on a log...........(and finally).........go back to Penrith".

Just before my friend called out "go back to Penrith" Darryl Brohman (who was larger around the stomach area than most players) had walked up to Phil and put his arm around him as if to say "Don't let it get to you mate".

Immediately after my friend yelled out to Phil "go back to Penrith", I called out "and take your fat mate with you" (as I was annoyed with Brohman's performance during the game).

As soon as I said "and take your fat mate with you" Darryl dropped his arm and moved away from Phil as quickly as he could - it was as if he had just been told that Phil Gould had leprosy!

Darryl was a big forward not noted for agility, but he moved quickly on this occasion!

About 4 Canterbury Reserve graders saw what happened and burst into laughter!


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