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fm28 - A Very interesting story from old days of French Rugby League.

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Monday, May 14, 2012

Cliff Spracklen
United Kingdom
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A friend, who is a former Caumont player,( Name supplied by Cliff) knowing I have a love of Corsica always tells me the story of the times he played there for Caumont X111 a BARLA equivalent team from near Avignon on the mainland.

The Caumont team arrived on the island and were welcomed at the local club's ground(there were about 15 teams in Corsica in the 1980's) where they were warmly received. It used to be the tradition throughout French RL to have a "sportsman's lunch" comprising, hams, salad, steack and very pureed potatoes. Our Hunslet BC lads used to be offered this at Carpentras. This was PRIOR to the match. But the Corsican hospitality went beyond the the obligatory glass or two of red wine . It included several glasses of pastis, the aniseed/liquorice aperitif, and after several glasses, plus wine the meal ended with "digestifs" the strong marc or brandy.

The French were very dubious but given that "our lads are eating and drinking with you" thought tha at least the playing field was level. After all the Corsican lads were well pisserd by the end of the meal .

Hardly looking foward to playing, but consoled that at least the Corsican players were even worse, they got a shock as they entered the dressing rooms to see the actual Corsican team, stripped, fit looking , ready to play, having supped barely a small lemonade.

Needless to say they were hammered.

I accept that the french often have harsh things to say about Corsicans, but I can see a glimmer of truth in the description, as last year I attended a Corsican soccer match between the locals and Nice Reserves.

By half time the announcer, who doubled up serving wine from the barrel had to be physically restrained by his own officials. Increasingly drunk he hurld abuse after abuse at the referee and refused to let go of the mike. Oh happy days! .


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