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fm33 - 1974 Third Test Aus -v- G.B. at the Sydney Cricket Ground, And it fattened my wallet to

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Monday, May 14, 2012
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My greatest game I attended, well ..... canberra vs balmain grand final is up there but....

The 1973 or was it 1974 3rd test at the cricket ground vs the pommies, when ron turner got recalled and we won the series, an absolutely massive day at the footy.(Quigs here, "I've just checked my book and it was 1974")

The atmosphere at that test was unbelievable, i was pretty young then and worked with a few lunatics who convinced me it was the norm to begin at the first and last at circular quay, then progress to the ship inn then to the captain cook then the olympic and finally to the game.

well we were all a mess by the time we got to the footy and the series was on the line.

i was working with ronnie turner at the time and he was very confident we could get the money so i put the lot on the aussies.

the pommie kicker john gray was slotting them from everywhere but not to be denied the aussies thru changa langlands and beetson got us home. langlands scored an awesome try in the hill scoreboard corner and the scg went wild.

that is a try i will always remember....so will my wallet!

great memories when test matches were the ultimate and not state games.

i would love to get a programme from that game....maybe some one has one that they could scan and post.

great memories indeed.


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