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fm35 - My second Broncos Game

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Monday, May 14, 2012
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My second Broncos game.

Being a Broncos supporter in Newcastle, i'd only ever been to a few footy games before that - Mariners home games against the Cowboys, Broncos and Rams - but they were what was then known as Breakers Stadium and it only had a capacity of about 5-6,000 from memory.

But the Knights home game against the Broncos was the first decent sized crowd i'd been in - I think it was about 28,000 that night.

It was pissing down rain, and the Knights were talking themselves up all week in the news, and it was being built up as the "superbowl" after both teams won their respective premierships the year before.

Being the hostile lot that they are, the Knights fans were absolutely giving it to us all the way up to kick-off and until the first try that was scored by the Knights after just a few minutes.

But after that, the fun started - Brisbane 26, Newcastle 6 Happy days.


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