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fm36 - My Greatest Game - 1985 Challenge Cup final between Wigan & Hull

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Monday, May 14, 2012
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Although a Saints fan, I have to say that the 1985 CC final between Wigan & Hull sticks in my mind the most. Some sensational tries from some of the all-time great players.....Kenny, Ferguson, Edwards, Leuluai.....all leading to an unbearably close finish.

I went down the day before with some Wigan mates. We spent the evening in London, entertaining bemused Southerners with our RL chants (Wigan fans singing St Helens chants & Saints fans singing Wigan chants would you believe!). Then it was back to a friends digs at Uni. & an uncomfortable night sleeping on the floor, before making our way back to Wembley the following morning.

The game was a classic! Hull took the early lead before Wigan came back & just after half-time looked to have an unassailable lead, through tries from Ferguson, Kenny, Gill & Edwards. Just a note on Kenny's try - for me this is one the best tries I have ever seen - the guy just seemed to glide over from around the half-way line & effortlessly accelerated past Kemble, the Hull full-back. But then Hull fought back, prompted by Sterling & tries from Leuluai & Divorty. But time caught up with Hull & Wigan ended up 28-24 winners.

Although spending the weekend with my Wigan mates & cheering on from the Wigan "end",I wasn't quite the neutral everyone thought I was (I was secretly rooting for Hull - I am a "Sintelliner" after all!!).


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