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fm40 - Wigan beats Manly (1987) A mini bus load of first timers to RL

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Monday, May 14, 2012
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In my 2nd year at University I helped with the formation of a Rugby League club, despite considerable resistance and bad sport from the RU club. Basically, their tactics resulted in a delay in formally entering the side in Uni competitions, so some lads got a bit peed off and we didn't have as many players as shown interest at the start of the year.

We copped a few heavy beatings in our first 3 games, then in the first ever RL game to be staged in the town (now city) of Preston we beat Salford University. Even though Preston is only 20 miles away from Wigan, it has always been a soccer town, but the RL club is still around now. Type in ucarl in a search engine and you may find it.

We arranged to go and see Wigan v Manly so hired a minbus. For the RL first-timers/union lads it was their first ever game in the flesh, and such an historical one at that.

We arrived about 3 hours before kick-off as we knew that a fairly big crowd was expected, but did not expect the capacity near 37,000 Probably took hours to get away from Wigan as well.

The game was the best one ever seen without scoring a try. Plenty of 'biff' and the English crowd baying for the Australians blood at every opportunity.

Needless to say the first-timers was most impressed, and I'm sure going to the game gave our fledgling club a bit more impetus as more of us wanted the club to succeed.

Can't remember any specific points in the game, but it was great to get one over the Aussies!!


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