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fm41 - The last ever game at the Boulevard Hull v NZ.

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Monday, May 14, 2012
Rich Harrison ( A Hull man)
Parramatta, Sydney NSW
Hull .. is the club I follow

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The game I reckon for sheer Atmosphere alone was the last ever game at the Boulevard Hull v NZ.

What a night... It had been pissing down for weeks before the game, but as the night fell it was cold still and dry. I got to the ground early, VERY early. kick off was 7:45 I think, I got there at 3pm. Had a beer in the bar under Threepenny stand, and just stood there looking at the History around me. Clive Sullivans GB shirt, the reciept Hull got when they signed Knocker Norton from Cas.

I then took my usual postion on Scoreboard Hill just in front of the Bar. There were some good curtain raisers, an Ex Hull FC vs EX GB match was fantastic. Johnny Whitely had been asked to lead out the teams some weeks earlier and had replied with "what d'ya mean lead them out....I'm bloody playing!" this at 70 odd years old with a plastic hip and two plastic knees!

There had also been a competition in The Hul Daily Mail to get fans playing in this match too. After this a parade of Ex Hull payers was led around the ground with a Bagpipe band playing Old Faithful, our anthem. I was sure I wasn't gonna cry until that point.

.... I looked round at the guys I'd stood on that hill with for 20 years and grown up with and saw the quivering chins and the tears just came.

The match itself was a bit of a let down. The Kiwis had put their full test team out and totally destroyed us. At the end of the math however, as the two teams did a lap of Honour, we started chanting "Haka,Haka,Haka" at the Kiwis who then performed a Haka right in front of us, Just as Hulls 83 championship winning team had years before after beating Barrow.

It is now over two years ago, but I still have the goosebumps as I type this.......New Stadiums just aint the same are they?


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