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fm49 - 2003 Challenge Cup Semi Final

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Monday, May 14, 2012
Richard Baddely
Leeds .. is the club I follow

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The 2003 Challenge Cup Semi Final was like no other. The crowd was packed at the Leeds end but relativly bare at the Saints end.

The game got off to a thrilling start until Saints scored first but then 3 Leeds tries put us in a commanding lead. A strong second half by St Helens followed and when they scored with aroung 5 minutes remaining it looked over and done with Saints Versus Bradford at Cardiff.

Until we got to their 10 metre line with no tackles left. We took a huge decision to do a gruber kick but it was taken by i think Darren Smith who thankfully knocked on. Leeds players were wasting the tackles with everyone going greedy wanting to score what could be a try to even the score. Atlast it came outwide to Mcguire who was fairly fresh after coming on at half time, He dummied and dived over the line. Fans didnt know how to react because it was still 24 - 22 to Saints, Some fans were jumping with delight other just gave a little clap not thinking Kevin Sinfield could kick the goal. the kick was the hardest possible, Right on the wrong toach line for him in the last second of a semi final to take it to extra time. I was very nervious at this stage. Sinfield kicked the goal and fans were ecstatic as it went to extra time.

Extra time wasnt the most entertaining Rugby i've seen due to the fact that most of the players were shattered and many suffering from cramp. Bang on the bell of Extra time Half Time Sinfield kick a field goal and it looked like that might just be enough to take us to the Millenium Stadium.

Second half was the same as the first very un-entertaining. Near the last minute Sinfield threw a perfect pass inside to Mcguire who ran back on the outside and just sqeezed past Darren Smith, It was a beauty. It was ovious we were going to win but Sinfield kicked another goal off the touch line just to rub salt into the wound.

It was by far the best game i've seen.


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