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fm50 - Fond Memories of Matt Adamson, his days with Leeds

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Monday, May 14, 2012
Richard Baddely
Leeds .. is the club I follow

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Matt Adamson was a well liked respected player in Penrith, Australia. I did'nt know alot about him until he came to play for the mighty Leeds in 2002.

He was an instant hit with the South Stand faithful. He was one of the hardest runners i've ever seen, he would just run as fast as he could into any of the oposition and they been big of small they could'nt stop Matt. It was'nt just his hard runnings and great suport play and passing skills what made him a favourite at Headingley, It was his bravery. A few weeks before Leeds were due to play Bradford in the Challenge Cup Final of 2003 at the Millenium Stadium Matt broke a cheek bone which was expected to rule him out of the Final but Matt been Matt was determined to play. He got seriously battered and wouldnt go off until he could barely see because of the swelling. We got beaten controvirsially that day.

Matt's wife was giving birth on the same day as Leeds were playing. he saw his wife give birth then drove down to Headingley and played that afternoon.

At the home coming of the Grand Final trophy in October this year he gave a speech saying how much he loved it here and all the rest of it whilst nearly bursting out crying.

Matt will never be forgotten. True legend.


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